A reel solution! Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida continues to address Florida’s declining redfish stocks with the new Adopt-A-Redfish program. The program allows anglers from near and far to be a part of the solution and give back to the resource they love.

Phase one of the program focused on the east central region of state and the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) in Brevard County. In summer 2023, 100 redfish were released in the IRL.

Phase two kicks off in 2024 and moves to the West Coast with the release of 100 redfish ranging from 16” – 27.”

The fish are now available for adoption for $100 each. Program participants will receive an official Adopt-A-Redfish sticker, an adoption certificate that includes the dedicated tag number for their fish, length of fish, release location coordinates and updates from data collected as the fish are caught by anglers. Participants will also be invited to attend and personally release his or her own tagged redfish in the Tampa Bay area this spring.

All 100 fish will be tagged with external anchor tags that will include a designated tag number for each individual fish as well as a phone number on each side of the tag to call when the fish is caught by an angler. The tags will also include “CCA FL ADOPT-A-REDFISH” and “MEASURE/PHOTO/RELEASE ME” to encourage anglers to report the catch and to release the fish back into the wild.

Support Florida stock enhancement and be a part of the solution by adopting your very own redfish.  100% of the proceeds will support CCA Florida’s restocking programs.

Please note, shirts will be distributed once the 100 redfish have been adopted.