Coastal Conservation Association Florida has joined with partners Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Mote Marine Laboratory to address the loss to the snook population on the southwest coast as a result of the 2018 red tide.

The initiative includes raising and releasing 5,000 hatchery-reared juvenile snook along Florida’s southwest coast and will launch in May 2019 at a cost of over $220,000. To support the enhancement project, CCA Florida has renewed the Adopt-A-Snook program, allowing anglers and businesses the opportunity to join in the rebuilding efforts.

Donors will receive an adoption certificate including the tag number and release location for their adopted juvenile snook. Donors will also receive updates on their fish based on the data collected from the passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags on each fish. The PIT tags which will transmit data to Mote marine scientists through 2021.

The juvenile snook (approx. 4” in length) will be released in May of 2019 because survival rates of hatchery reared Common Snook are highest during this time period. To enable a spring release, the broodstock Snook at Mote’s Aquaculture Park will be spawned in October 2018.

One hundred percent of the donations will go towards the rearing, tagging, releasing, monitoring, growth and studying the snook.