Designed specifically for the demands of offshore fly fishing, the Bluewater SG series combines the ability to quickly deliver large flies accurately and to then sustain the significant lifting force necessary to fight and land large species. The carbon fiber upper section underpins the efficient casting action and tip recovery necessary for fast, on-target casts; and after hookup, the S-Glass lower section delivers superb strength and a shortened lever capable of dead lifting over 10 pounds at a 90-degree fighting angle. The Bluewater SG has become the most widely used bluewater fly rod in the world! Your 4-piece 9’ TF Bluewater SG Baby has a line weight capacity of 8-10 and comes with a TFR Power III large Arbor reel.

The TFO Power reel crashes through the conveyer belt of highly-machined fly reels currently on the market. The latest addition to the TFO family of high-end machined reels is fully anodized and dramatically ported to reduce weight without sacrificing housing or spool strength. Well, what are you waiting for? Raise your hand so you can get your hands on this combo and start fishing!

Retail Value: $775