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CCA Florida Presents Measuring Devices to the Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission

FWC Law Enforcement Officers will use the Measuring Devices during Routine Boat Checks

Orlando, Fla. – December 1, 2022 – Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida, the state’s leading organization dedicated to marine fisheries conservation, education, and advocacy, presented 300 new lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum measuring devices to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) during its meeting in Panama City.

The measuring devices will be distributed to FWC law enforcement officers and used during routine boat checks to accurately measure fish up to 37 inches in length.

 “It is an honor to donate these measuring devices to some of the state’s hardest working women and men who are protecting Florida’s marine habitat,” CCA Florida Chairman Wright Taylor said. “These devices will make the officers’ jobs a little easier during their days on the water and provide uniformity across the department.”

CCA Florida first orchestrated uniform measuring devices to FWC officers 14 years ago when then, committee volunteer Taylor saw the need. The first set of measuring tools, “Check it Sticks,” were donated and distributed to officers in 2008.

For decades, CCA Florida has partnered with FWC to support restocking efforts, shoreline stabilizations, artificial reef deployments and other marine habitat projects across Florida.

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