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The topic of shark depredation has been a major focus in fisheries management circles for a number of years and it is one of very few problems that has united anglers, the commercial sector and the charter sector. While global shark populations continue to be imperiled by indiscriminate and illegal fishing practices, domestic regulations and enforcement have created robust populations of some shark species in U.S. waters causing significant predation of a number of key recreational species and negatively impacting catch-and-release practices. The challenges are clear but the path to a rational discussion over possible solutions is not. Therefore, CCA has worked with partner organizations to endorse the attached legislation that calls for the establishment of a task force on shark depredation that would be responsible for improving coordination and communication across the fisheries management community, as well as identifying research priorities and funding opportunities.

We have been very cautious to avoid any course of action that could result in unforeseen and unmanageable impacts to shark populations, which are a critical part of healthy marine ecosystems. To that end, we are working very closely with CCA’s science advisor, Dr. Greg Stunz, to evaluate science-based solutions and will rely heavily on the advice of the marine science community to guide developments related to the SHARKED Act going forward.

We have heard from many members in all states on the issue of shark predation and will be sharing information on progress going forward.

To read the SHARKED Act support letter, please click here. To read the SHARKED Act, please click here.

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