Working For You

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida has been working for you since 1985. CCA Florida’s purpose is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources and promote fisheries management to keep fish stocks sustainable and abundant. CCA Florida engages the public to support habitat and environmental restoration and works with members and state residents to ensure good stewardship of our coastal resources.

In the last 10 years, CCA Florida has completed 46 artificial reef deployments and more than 80 habitat projects statewide. Proceeds from rafflesbanquets and donations are used to fund these projects and your continued support makes it possible. 

Here's how CCA Florida continues Working for You:

Proceeds from raffles, banquets and donations are used to fund CCA Florida’s habitat projects. Your continued support and financial contribution helps protect Florida’s marine resources today and for generations to come.

Artificial Reef Deployments

CCA Florida and its partners have deployed 46 artificial reefs including, seven vessels and more than 7,000 tons of clean concrete and natural rock. 

Restocking Efforts

Since 2018, CCA Florida and the Duke Energy Mariculture Center have released 110,000 spotted sea trout and nearly 200,000 redfish along the West Coast and almost 100,000 redfish along the East Coast in effort to combat red tide and support fisheries management. This fall, CCA Florida plans to takes its efforts to the East Coast and kick off its “Release the East” campaign.

Oyster Reefs

CCA Florida and its partners have recycle more than 80 tons of oysters, which has resulted in the deployment of 36 reefs. 


Trash Cleanups

Countless volunteers and CCA Florida staff have cleaned up old tires, bottles, oyster traps and more, which has equated to 86 tons of trash collected across Florida’s coasts in effort to protect marine habitat. 

Clam Deployments

In partnership with the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory and Blair Wiggins Outdoors, CCA Florida has helped deploy 25 million clams in the Indian River Lagoon in effort to revitalize the vital filter-feeder’s population. 

Mangrove and Seagrass Plantings


To enhance Florida’s marine habitat, CCA Florida staff and volunteers have planted more than 50,000 salt marsh grasses and mangroves along Florida’s coasts.

Shoreline Stabilization 

In conjunction with our partners, CCA Florida has stabilized more than four-and-a-half miles of shoreline across the state. 

For decades, CCA Florida has proven time and again that anglers are the best guardians of the marine environment. As a result, CCA Florida works to protect the health, habitat and sustainability of marine resources and anglers’ access to them.