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CCA Florida Year-End Review


In 2018, we reaffirmed our commitment to advocate on your behalf and serve anglers throughout the state. This has included a dedicated focus on habitat restoration initiatives, stock enhancement programs and advocacy efforts. And we couldn’t do this work without the support and advocacy of our members.

Florida’s water quality continues to be CCA Florida’s highest advocacy priority. CCA Florida’s Water Quality Sub-committee continues to work on and monitor several resource issues around the state.

CCA worked with the FWC and local captains to reduce the cobia boat limit from 6 to 2 in Florida waters and reduced the commercial daily limit from 2 to 1 with a boat limit of 2.

CCA and the Building Conservation Trust (BCT) donated over $300,000 in 2018 to deploy 7 new artificial reefs and 11 coastal habitat restoration projects in Florida.

CCA created the annual Trash Tour in 2017, engaging over 400 volunteers to clean up more than 10 tons of trash and debris from our local coastal waterways.

CCA will continue working with guides and the FWC to implement a provision stating that no guides shall possess a limit of trout or redfish while guiding.

CCA is working with the Gulf Council and the FWC to keep State Management for red snapper moving, giving the state more fishing opportunities. One of CCA’s highest priorities is the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

CCA FL STAR will host the 5thannual STAR event lasting 101days, continuing our focus on angler education and awarding almost $500,000 in prizes and scholarships.

CCA has continued its work with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to keep the Florida Keys a premier boating and fishing destination. CCA helped create the Blue Star Guide Program that will be instrumental in keeping the Florida Keys a premier fishing destination.

CCA continues to work with the FWC and Biscayne National Park to help protect corals and fish species while maintaining angler access within the park.

CCA is continuing to work with the Florida Legislature to create a CCA Florida License plate. Proceeds from the plate will benefit habitat restoration.

CCA is working with the FWC and the SAFMC to mandate the use of descending devices while fishing for reef fish. This device will greatly reduce the dead discards that are keeping some of our fisheries closed.

CCA partnered on several grants and was awarded over $250,000 in grant funding in 2018, all of which will go directly back into the water for habitat restoration projects.

CCA is partnering with Duke Energy, Mote Marine Laboratory and the FWC to help rebuild redfish and snook stocks in southwest Florida through hatchery efforts.

CCA is working with the FWC to stop a directed fish trap fishery in Federal Gulf waters.

CCA sponsored the restoration of 50,000 clams back into Sarasota Bay. A single 2-inch clam filters out 50,000,000 red tide organisms per day which equates to 2.5 trillion organisms per day for the 50,000 clams.

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