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Red Tide Recovery Stock Enhancements

Along with Duke Energy and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, we have released over 24,000 juvenile and adult redfish this year, all hatchery-reared and donated by the Duke Energy Mariculture Center in Crystal River, into Florida waters hardest hit by red tide.

On March 15th, at one of nine county releases, First Lady Casey DeSantis, Secretary Noah Valenstein of the Department of Environmental Protection and State Representative Bob Rommel joined with CCA to release redfish in Collier County. The releases continued into March, with eight stops along the coast where members, families and local dignitaries joined in to support the recovery of the fishery. An additional release of approximately 8,000 juvenile redfish was in May in the panhandle.

Each of the first eight releases included approximately 2,000 juvenile fish and 25 to 30 adult redfish. Locations were chosen specifically by the Duke Energy Mariculture Center biologists and releases began when waters were determined safe.

Governor’s Office Press Release

Department of Environmental Protection Press Release


The snook initiative includes the release of 5,000 juvenile snook, spawned in October 2018 at Mote’s Aquaculture Park in Sarasota.  CCA Florida staff and members joined Mote scientists in April and June to measure, weigh and tag the juvenile snook with Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags. The first release took place on May 16th and the second on June 6th, both consisting of approximately 1,500 fish and into Ainger Creek and Tippecanoe Environmental Park in Charlotte County.

The total program cost of over $220,000 is being supported by the renewed Adopt-A-Snook program, allowing anglers and businesses the opportunity to join in the rebuilding efforts.  Donors will receive an adoption certificate including the tag number and release location for their adopted juvenile snook after all releases are completed.  Donors will also receive updates on their fish based on the data collected from the PIT tags.

CCA Florida hopes to conduct similar releases in the future and is constantly working for recreational anglers, fighting for clean water, defending access and supporting fisheries.  Anglers can become engaged by joining CCA Florida at JoinCCA.org.  Or visit us on our Facebook page.

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